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President: Sara Dugan

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Major: Marketing

Minor: International Business Certificate

Hi, I'm Sara! Born and raised in Pittsburgh - a city with more precipitation than Seattle (look it up) - I should be used to the desolate South Bend climate, but I still complain about it about it. I lived in Farley for my first three years at Notre Dame, and I now live off campus in what my roommates and I like to call "Farley House". Pursuing a Major in Marketing and a Certificate of International Business, I spend my time on campus involved with Student Government, Scholastic Magazine, and the SIBC Marketing Division. I am also an SAO #insider in my role as a student receptionist. Interests include: cheesy show tunes, non-cheesy food, baristas who spell "Sara" without the "h", and my dog. I'm excited to serve for a second year as Class of 2018 President, and I look forward to the great things that will undoubtedly come from our best and final year at Notre Dame!





Vice President: Janet Stengle

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Major: History

Minors: Journalism, Ethics, & Democracy and Constitutional Studies

Hello!!! I am a proud Ohioan and I have a lot of love for the greatest city in the world, Toledo, OH, the subject of my urban history thesis. I am an RA in the finest dorm on campus, Farley Hall, where I reminisce about living down the hall from President Sara. Outside class council, I am the Assistant Design Director of The Scholastic, a tour guide, and a club swimmer, if you count swimming one meet per semester. My hidden talents include identifying fonts, sporting a mean baseball hat collection, running into someone I'm related to every day, and ending texts with three exclamation marks (see first sentence). Next year, I hope to go to law school and someday work in economic development. It’s been an incredible four years on class council and I can't thank everyone enough for all the ice breakers and SAO requests.


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Treasurer: Paul Stevenson

Hometown: Memphis, Grindville, Tennessee

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at the Graduate Level

Paul is an illegal alien of the Class of 2019 who somehow made it into the Executive Cabinet of the Class of 2018. He is also a grad student masquerading as an undergrad. Paul is a fraud. He is definitely laundering Class Council funds. Someone ought to do something.






Img 0064 Matthew Peters

Secretary: Matt Peters

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Major: Science Business

Matt is a a Science-Business major, former Keenan Hall resident, sports enthusiast, and avid golfer from the beautiful coastal town of Savannah, Georgia. He hopes to fulfill his childhood dream of practicing medicine (God willing) and cites his experiences in a rural, government hospital in the Philippines as a major inspiration to pursue this career. Matt loves The Office, House of Cards, reading about history, and Notre Dame Football (because who doesn’t?) At ND, he is also a member of the Filipino American Student Organization, Mending Minds, and is a tour guide for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. He volunteers weekly as a clinical assistant at St. Joseph Hospital, with dementia patients at Healthwin Assisted Living, and as a tutor at the Michiana YMCA. Matt also had the opportunity to study abroad two summers ago in Berlin, Germany.



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John Ahn

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Major: Phuh-nance

Last time I submitted a bio for the class council, I submitted by LinkedIn photo, but this time, I'm submitting the main picture that I use for an app that rhymes with "cinder." I think that Waddick's breakfast bagels are some of the best things about Notre Dame besides the Candy Wall at the Huddle Mart and maybe our strong academics. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby, because I think that telling people that my favorite book is The Great Gatsby gives them the impression that I am 1) a dreamer and 2) classy.


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Andrea Bae

Hometown: Yorba Linda, California

Major: Psychology

Minor: Business Economics and Korean

Andrea is a true California native, often seeking out bodies of water and checking the weather app to see if it's appropriate to wear sandals. On campus, she is involved in SCC, CoRec basketball (concussion count:2), the Moral Development Lab, and monitoring the basement of Mendoza. Her hobbies include: signing up for things because they sound fun, taking trips to the hospital, and eating.


Fullsizerender 1 Kyle Casey


Kyle Casey 

Hometown: Morristown, New Jersey

Major: Political Science

Minor: Sociology

Hi! My name is Kyle and this is my fourth year as a member of class council. My hobbies include telling people about any dogs I have seen recently and quoting Hot Rod. My fun fact is that I don't have an appendix. Another fun fact is that people love coming up to me and asking if I know I have a boys name. Don't do this, no matter how clever you think you are, I've heard all the comments already. If that isn't enough to deter you then the fact that I am a member of Baraka Bouts, Notre Dame's women's boxing team, should. Go Irish!



Dab Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis

Hometown: Chanhassen, Minnesota (Chanhappenin')

Major: IT Management

Minors: Hesburgh Program in Public Service & International Development Studies
Hey guys!! My name is Rachel Davis. I hail from the great state of Minnesota. From the best state to the Best Place on Campus, I am a BP Babe, and yes the rumors are true- we do have a secret ice cream parlor in our basement..shhh. Some random facts about me are that I am as clumsy as they come, I will fight anyone who disagrees with the fact that Beyoncé is a real queen, and I am proud of my caffeine addiction because it makes me feel like I am one step closer to my goal of being Rory Gilmore. Lastly, I can't wait for a great final year representing the class of 2018!

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Alex Fincher

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Minor: STV

Hi friends! My name's Alex Fincher and I'm a neuro major from Dallas, TX. I'm pretty sure my friends are just gonna make fun of me for whatever I write in this, so I'm gonna keep it short. I like queso/overusing exclamation marks/mobility/practical but fun shoe options/not smiling in pictures/accidentally getting persuaded into things when I have way too much work. But mainly I just like dogs a lot which is why that picture is of me at a fountain dedicated to them. That's about it have a great day thx bye!!!




Emily Gust

Hometown: Andover, Minnesota

Majors: Political Science and Economics

Hello, friends! I am a nap enthusiast and pug lover hailing from the historic town of Andover, Minnesota which was founded in 1974. My hobbies include creating Facebook events for everyday activities and attempting to try (and rank) every flavor of La Croix. I am also recently addicted to Trivia, so catch me at O'Rourke's every Monday night at 10pm! I am super excited to be on SCC this year and I am looking forward to a great last few months living under the Dome. 





16826002 1718444391502944 3157777841991897505 O 2 Alexandra Henderson

Alexandra Henderson

Hometown: Bellingham, Massachusetts

Majors: Science-Business and English

I’m Alexandra, or Dra if you know me by the unfortunate nickname I picked up freshman year because a nine-letter name was “way too long” for some of my lazier friends to say. I’m from the greatest state in the country, Massachusetts - home of the best sports teams (Go Pats), best beaches, and best everything in general. I grew up in Bellingham, a small town forty minutes south of Boston where having six Dunkin’ Donuts within 5 miles of my house spoiled me for life. I’m a Science-Business and English double major because I can’t make a decision to save my life, especially about my future career (yikes). Over the summer, I interned at Waters Corporation, an analytical laboratory instrument and software company in MA, and I am excited to be returning there for winter break. In addition to JCC, my other on-campus activities include acting as the Student Union Treasurer and the head of the Financial Management Board. I also work as a Sandwich Artist® at Subway, arguably one of the most glamorous jobs on campus. In my free time, I like to ski, read, play the piano, and impulsively online shop.


Scott Jackson

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Majors: Science Pre-Professional Studies and Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization

Bryan Kennedy

Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota

Major: Engineering


Carly Kreber

Hometown: Greensboro, Norh Carolina

Major: Business

Minor: Journalism



20638045 10207677043964299 821421557729431628 N Matthew Kobunski

Matthew Kobunski

Hometown: North ROYALton, Ohio

Major: Information Technology Management

Minor: Constitutional Studies

GEEZ! THANKS FOR HAVING ME! I don't even know where to begin, but I usually start with what I'm most proud of: my nostrils. At a close second, my second proudest accomplishment is only having been to four states! Can you believe that? A WHOLE FOUR STATES! My nostrils almost cover the same amount of square footage!!!! Another fun fact, my family heritage is Italian, I recently was involved in a beautiful wedding! And last (but certainly not least) I was an accident!!! How unsurprising!!!!



Gopr2467 Katherine Lundquist

Katherine Lundquist

Hometown: Woodbury, Minnesota

Major: Accounting

Ready for it?

- Just a suburban girl living in a basic world. -

- Alive, alive, ohh. Alive, alive, ohh. Crying "Oh Ireland I miss ya, alive, alive, oh" -

- Notre Dame Girl. She's been living in her Notre Dame World. -

...Now look what you made me do.


52070086257 Bd580016 69f4 452d 9ad7 Fafa46e03985 Stefan Page

Stefan A. Page

Hometown: Orono, Minnesota

Major: Finance

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I was (unfortunately) born in Cleveland, Ohio, where I lived for just a short time until my family moved to Minnesota when I was just three years old. I was raised a Minnesotan, living in the town of Orono, which is located about 20 miles west of Minneapolis. When I was a sophomore in high school I decided to attend boarding school in New Hampshire, where I later graduated and moved on to attend Notre Dame with all of you. I’m an avid sports fan; around campus you may have seen me in the past at football, basketball, or hockey games. Being a proud member of Keenan Hall and I love representing my dorm in interhall sports. It might be hard for some of you to believe, but winter is my favorite season, so if anyone is looking for someone to embrace the snow with, I’m your guy. Go Irish.


Venice Megan Resnik


Megan Resnik

Hometown: Camarillo, California

Majors: English and the Program of Liberal Studies

Megan is one of the BP Babes living in the Best Place on campus. Last spring, she studied abroad in Rome and interned at the U.S. Embassy in the consular section, printing replacement passports for very stressed Americans. Now that she is back on campus, Megan is an admissions office tour guide and a Resident Assistant in the best section ever. Spot her at 3am watching Friends and writing her senior thesis, and occasionally throwing snowballs at Janet's window since she doesn't answer texts.


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Sarah Ritten

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

Major: Sociology

Minors: Poverty Studies and Education, Schooling, and Society

Sarah has been known to sign up for a few too many clubs and activities, but she continues to live by Kevin G's wise words: "don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang." Her long list of activities includes club lacrosse goalie, Teach for America recruiter, Center for Social Concerns Appalachia seminar leader, and College Mentors director. When Sarah isn't typing away at her computer or repairing homes in Appalachia, you can catch her in her Crossings kitchen laughing at all her own jokes.
Lauren Saunee

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Craig Schmier

Hometown: Old Bethpage, New York

Majors: Television, Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

Minor: Business Economics

Hello all, I'm Craig/Creg/CraigyT_24. I'm excited to spend one last year on the class council creating fun events for the Class of 2018. In my free time I like to make movies, over-evaluate the lighting of scenes on television, and memorize the dance to This Is Halloween on Just Dance 3. If you ever want to chat, call me during my radio show 'Soup of the Day' on Thursdays between 10:30pm-midnight (time subject to change).






Abbie Seeliger

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Majors: Science Pre-Professional and Political Science



Screen Shot 2018 01 15 At 8

Tim Sherman

Hometown: Sylvania, Ohio

Majors: Finance and Economics

A Gentleman from St. Edward's Hall (PSA I need a yacht dance date), Tim enjoys being involved in dorm events and athletics, including leading Welcome Weekend, captaining multiple athletic teams, and coaching many others. Studying Finance and Economics, feel free to find him in the BIC late at night or watching sitcoms on Netflix (absolute travesty they're removing Always Sunny in December). After studying abroad in his favorite place in the world (Dublin), he spent last summer interning for Charles Schwab and recently signed to work for Synchrony Financial after graduation. Tim works on campus at DPAC (hit me up for free/discounted tickets!) as well as a joint Economics/Psychology lab in Haggar. He enjoys sports, trivia, sports trivia, playing Devil's Advocate with people who are passionate about a cause, watching Netflix, and being at Notre Dame with the best people in the world.


Kelly Smith



Screen Shot 2018 01 15 At 6

Aly Sonnen

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Majors: Neuroscience and Peace Studies

Howdy. I'm Aly and I am thrilled to be writing my fourth and final class council bio. I'm a Walsh Hall native, my favorite cereal is Life, and if I had to compare my life to a DCOM it would be High School Musical. If you need a conversation starter, ask me about Grey's Anatomy or the time I accidentally cut my hand instead of an avocado. My biggest hope is that this bio is better than my freshman bio where I was SO EXCITED (!!!) for everything and my sophomore bio where I used hashtags. Looking forward to a fab rest of the year.


12239203 10154335326873098 1551135754744402877 O Alexandra Snyder

Alex Snyder

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Majors: Pre-Health and Political Science 

Minor: Italian

Born and raised in the state where everything is bigger (and better), I’ve got a lot of hometown pride and I’ll somehow find a way to bring up Texas in any situation (Go Cowboys!). I’m a professional procrastinator, which makes sense when you hear that I’ve seen all ten seasons of Friends over thirty times (PSA: I will absolutely quote the show as we’re watching it and I’m not even sorry). I have a strange obsession with sushi, I could probably drink Chick-Fil-A-Sauce, and RuPaul is my QUEEN. On any given day, odds are I’m either sick or injured so don’t count on my immune system for optimal health. I generally make it through the day thanks to caffeine-fueled anxiety and Buzzfeed videos. My plan after graduation is to follow the path of becoming a surgeon, which if you know me at all you know that’s a frightening image. I’m a very opinionated person (see my Twitter, @asnydz4, I think I’m hilarious), it’s pretty difficult to get me to shut up, and I’m pumped to contribute to my university for another year on the council. 


18699973 10211884655665612 2879556258709857229 N Brennah Toomey

Brennah Toomey

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Major: Marketing

Minor: Constitutional Studies

Hi class of ‘18! My name is Brennah Toomey, and I am a resident of Ryan Hall, where I serve as an RA. I love my home state of Florida and frequently it as an excuse to complain about cold weather. This summer, I was a Marketing intern for the Nashville Predators & their arena, where I got to see the Stanley Cup Finals! When I’m not hanging out with SCC, you can find me in Ryan baking + mostly eating cookies with Father Joe and working as the student marketing lead for the Women’s Basketball team. Special talents & hobbies include: saying all 50 states in less than 20 seconds, having watched every (relevant) show on Netflix, drinking large amounts of espresso from Starbucks, obsessively watching Jeopardy, and making friends with cats.


Screen Shot 2017 11 15 At 2

Thomas Walsh

Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana

Majors: Finance and Economics


My name is Thomas Walsh and I am majoring in finance and economics (although I do not enjoy taking wealth from the middle class and redistributing it to the top 1%). I enjoy all things Chicago, especially the Cubs, Lou Malnati's, and the weather. I also enjoy traveling (study abroad survivor), quoting movies, and making things awkward. I was nominated as the King of Hearts during my senior year of high school, but lost to a hipster that could rap (my kryptonite). Most people don't know that my favorite movie is Titanic. Despite the shocking historical inaccuracy (see any scholarly papers on the ship's "Low-angle breakup"), Leo's Oscar-worthy portrayal of star-crossed lover and amateur painter Jack Dawson is truly memorable. My special skills include eating large amounts of food (former burrito eating contest champion), saying the alphabet backwards, and drinking hoppy beverages quickly.


Img 5735 Rebecca Wiley

Rebecca Wiley 

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Major: Accounting

Hi friends! I'm Rebecca, but more officially known as Reebz. I come from the great city of Raleigh, North Carolina! I spent the first three years of my time at ND in the most chaotic dorm on campus (Cavanaugh, of course) until I was snatched away and mutated into a babe of Breen-Phillips. In my free time, I like chatting with my professors about NOL carry-forwards (seriously though, I'm a huge accounting nerd), hitting the links with my pops, chilling with my main homie Raquel Davis (she made me put that), and binge-watching AHS with Sarah Ritten. In addition to SCC, I formerly served as Cavanaugh Vice President and President and currently serve as Social Chair on Hall President's Council. Can't wait for a fun-filled senior year with plenty of giveaways, bonding, and finally some events with alcohol (!!)